Our Patriots


The following is a list of Revolutionary War patriots who are direct ancestors of current members of the Sarah Riggs Humphreys-Mary Silliman Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. If you think you may be related to one of these patriots or another American Revolutionary War patriot, and would like to pursue membership in the DAR, please contact our chapter regent.

Seth Alvord, CT, PVT Stephen Holley, Jr., CT, PVT
Caleb Ammidown, MA, STAFFOF John Honeyman, NJ, PS
Oliver Bailey, CT, PVT Gideon Hotchkiss, CT, CS PS
David Beardsley, CT, PVT Samuel Hurd, CT, PS
Jonathan Beardsley, CT, CS PS ENS Benjamin Jaquith, MA & NJ, CS SOL
Samuel Beardsley, CT, CAPT Zachariah Jennings, Jr., CT, PVT
James Benedict, CT, SGT Winifred Jeter, VA, PS
Ozias Bissell, CT, CAPT PS William June, CT, PVT
James Blakeman, CT, PVT Richard Keele, VA & NC, PVT
Timothy Boughton, NY, PVT Ebenezer Knapp, CT, PVT
Walter Buddington, CT, CS PS PVT Caleb Leach, MA, PVT
Increase Burr, Sr., CT, SOL Nehemiah Lewis, CT, PVT
Peter Burr, CT, PSOL James McEwen, CT, CS PS
Samuel Caddall, VA, SOL Michael Metcalf, NH, PVT
Holder Chase, RI, PS Matthew Miner, CT, PVT
James Chase, RI, PS Nathan Nichols, Sr., CT, PS
Michael Clay, VA, SOL PS George Osbourne, MA, PVT
Robert Cochran, SC, LT PS John Perry, MA, CAPT
David Cooper, NJ, PS Joseph Poor, MA, PS
Gilbert Cooper, NY, LTC James Puffer, MA, 2LT
Llewellyn Davis, PA, ENS Isreal Putnam, Sr., CT, MGEN
John DeMerit, NH, MAJ Philip Reed, VT, CPL
Caleb Dexter, VT, PVT Rev Rivers, Joel, VA, PS
Gideon Ellis, NH, PS Amos Rogers, NY, CPL
Peter Fairchild, CT, CPL Joseph Rogers, CT, PS
John Ferris, NY, PVT Josiah Seely, NY, LT
Charles Ferry, MA, LT David Seigler, SC, PVT PS
Isaac Foote, CT, CS PS Phineas Sherman, CT, CAPT
Peter Foster, VA, MID Nathan Smith, MD & VA, 1LT
Gamaliel French, CT, PVT Thomas Solley, CT, PVT
Isaac Fuller, MA, LT Samuel Squire, CT, CS PS
Jonathan Gale, MA, PVT Ralph Stewart, VA, CAPT
Benjamin Gaylord, CT, PVT Waite Stillman, RI, PVT
Jotham Goodnow, MA, PVT Richard Thurman, VA, PVT
Patrick Graham, PA, PVT Noah Webster, CT, CAPT
Aaron Hall, CT, PVT Nathaniel Whitney, VT, LT
Richard Hartley, NC, CS Sol Nathaniel Wilson, Jr., CT, CS PS
Oliver Hartwell, Jr., MA, PVT Daniel Winn, VA, PS
Elijah Herrick, Sr., NY, CAPT CS Orsamus Winn, VA, PS


CAPT — Captain              MGEN — Major General
CPL — Corporal              MID — Military Intelligence Division
CS — Civil Service              ORDL — Orderly
ENS — Ensign              PS — Patriotic Service
1LT — First Lieutenant              PVT — Private
2LT — Second Lieutenant              SGT — Sergeant
LT — Lieutenant              SOL — Soldier
LTC — Lieutenant Colonel              STAFFOF – Staff Officer
MAJ — Major